Natural Stone Floor Cleaning

Natural stone floor cleaning needs special attention:

natural stone floor cleaning-Djoser'sThere’s an on-going love affair with Natural Stone flooring, it’s the oldest of all floor covering.  The earthy, organic beauty of natural stone has been used for centuries.  History has recorded the oldest, natural stone structure, of granite and limestone, to be built in Egypt, circa 2500 BC.

Natural stone tile is beautiful, albeit more expensive than ceramic tile.  The good news is that your stone floor is not only beautiful, but it’s durable and long lasting;  The other news is that it’ll require more attention, but only if you want to maintain its original beauty.

Types of natural stone vary, and each has their own level of porosity.  In other words, some natural stone types will absorb, and stain easier than others.  You may want to consider a sealant for your floor, particularly if your natural stone has a porous finish.  Riggs Services can help you decide, based on your particular floor, we are natural stone floor cleaning experts.  If you decide to seal the stone, we can do it for you. Click Link: more about sealing natural stone.

We can also help you decide between a natural, earthy matt finish, or to kick it up a notch, to a high shine.  The degree of shine will be a result of the #grit on the diamond pad, and the type of product that’s used.

In between Professional, Natural Stone Floor Cleaning:


A damp mop will do a nice job, and helps to keep it looking beautiful for life.

Blot spills immediately. Use a neutral pH pure soap (like Dawn Dish Soap/Original Scent) and warm, filtered water.

This can also be used when cleaning your natural tile.

natural stone floor cleaningThoroughly rinse the floor, dry the surface with a soft, clean cloth, and change the rinse water often.  Remember, too much soap leaves a film, and may cause streaking.

There are floor finishes that are created specifically for natural stone. Please don’t apply any products, without checking with a stone floor care specialist, like Riggs Services.  Unfortunately, when the wrong floor finish, or cleaning product, is used for natural stone floor cleaning, you may have to pay more to restore it.  We suggest that it’s more cost effective to simply hire a floor care specialist to do your natural stone floor cleaning, from the beginning.

Never use products containing lemon juice, vinegar or other acidic product on Marble, Limestone and Travertine.

Natural stone floor cleaning requires some additional, cautionary points.  Always avoid using abrasive cleaners of any type (including products like “Soft Scrub”), or any ammonia-based product.  Also avoid retail grout cleaners, scouring powders and bathroom tub and tile cleaners.

Scratches on Natural Stone:

All dirt, sand, and grit is abrasive.  Over time, that abrasiveness can do damage to natural stone.  Dust mop often with a clean, non-treated dry dust mop or broom.

Walk-off mats or area rugs placed at doorways will help collect loose dirt.   Natural stone can be slippery, be sure to non-slipping rugs.  Shake the rugs often, they need to be kept dirt free.

Vacuum cleaners are helpful, especially on textured stone floors.  Check that your vacuum is in good condition, with no beater bar, to avoid scratching the natural stone.

Children, pets, and furniture legs can be hard on natural stone.  If you’re starting to notice scratches, Riggs Services can polish your floor to remove scratches from the stone’s surface.

natural stone floor cleaning-furnitureBe careful when moving heavy objects across your stone floor; it may deeply scratch into the surface, or worse, chip your stone tiles.

Lippage is an irregular height, between the adjacent tiles.  This “lippage” results in uneven, ridged surfaces.  Although, this is probably not a serious problem for most, it can be a tripping hazard.  Lippage can be fixed, in most cases, without replacing your flooring.

natural stone floor cleaning-lippage

We’re certain that you’ll appreciate our attention to detail.  At Riggs Services, we really do care about providing outstanding service to all of our customers; together, we work very hard to create lots of happy customers!  Joel & Netty Riggs, and boys.